Adult Learning Center Loeriesfontein

Adult Learning Center Loeriesfontein

Loeriesfontein is a very small town in the Northern Cape, far from any larger cities or even towns. To give you an idea, it is about 12 hours from Johannesburg, almost 5 hours from Cape Town and almost 5 hours from Upington. In 2011 Loeriesfontein had a population of only 2744 people and is known for the one of a kind Windmill Museum.

We were approached by Loeriesfontein Primary School to help some elderly adults will vision care. They have a “Adult Learning Center” that teaches illiterate adults to read and write. Amazingly the average age of these motivated adults were around 65 years old. Amazing that one would learn to read or write at that age, wonderful.

As you may know, most people after the age of 40 needs reading glasses due to the crystalline lens inside the eye that becomes less flexible, leaving us unable to focus and thus almost impossible to read at 40cm.

Ready-made readers are the quickest and cheapest way to assist with this problem, but due to Loeriesfonteins rural location, there are almost nothing available for them, nor would they be able to afford it.

To our surprise, did not only the people from the adult center come to receive new reading glasses, but many people from the community heard that we were in town and was lined up at the classroom door. Luckily with the assistance of OneSight we had enough specs to help everybody that needed assistance.

Whttp://www.onesight.org.zae also wanted to help them to protect their eyes from damaging UV rays, and thus distributed sunglasses to everybody. Below are only a few photos of the beautiful people of Loeriesfontein, South Africa.